ALZRC - 450 Pro V2 FBL Combo, ESC BL- Motor - Black  219.00CHF 
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  • ALZRC - 450 Pro V2 FBL KIT - Black  

         Les nouvelles hélicots de ALZRC sont fabriqué très exacte.


  • Newly improved low wind resistance specialized flybarless rotor head assembly, with reduced distance between rotor head and frame, effectively lowering the CG for better 3D performance.
  • Improved side frame design, with dedicated 3GX mounting location. Gyro can be placed in between frames, or behind anti-rotation guide, resulting in clean wire management and improved aesthetics.
  • Unibody main shaft and servo mount, with modified side frame connecting points, simplifying servo replacement and improving ease of maintenance.
  • Longer battery mounting plate with integrated ESC mount. Not only is the battery mount more rigid, the battery can be shifted based on its dimension for better CG. In addition, the screw count has been reduced to minimize assembly and maintenance time.
  • High efficiency tail shaft drive design, dramatically reduce power loss associated with belt driven system, and at the same time increase power output.
  • Vertical rudder servo mount design moving the CG closer to center, improving agility during 3D maneuvers.
  • Unique opposing weighted tail blade grips effectively increase rudder and gyro performance, for superior tail locking and higher precision.
    ?Main Rotor Diameter:710mm
    ?Tail Rotor Diameter:158mm
    ?Tail Rotor Diameter:13T
    ?Main Drive Gear:150T
    ?Autorotation Tail Drive Gear:106T
    ?Tail Drive Gear:25T
    ?Drive Gear Ratio:1:10:4.24
    ?Flying Weight: Approx. 640g
    Radio transmitter and electronic equipment required for assembly:  
    1. Transmitter(6-channel or more,helicopter system) 
    2. Receiver(6-channel or more) 
    3. Pitch gauge or Digital Pitch Gauge 
    4.11.1V 3S Li-Po 2000~2300mAh battery
    ?450 Pro V2 Kit x 1
    ?450B Brushlless Motor - 3500KV x 1 
    ?3S 40A ESC x 1 
    ?Mg90S 450 CCPM  Micro Digital Metal Servo x 3
    ?S9257 450 Digital locked rudder servo - 1520μs x 1 
    ?3GY V2.0 - Three-Axis Gyro Set x 1 
    ?Plug Set x 1
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Dragon Hobby Models
Dragon Hobby Models
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ALZRCÀ l'affiche
ALZRC - 450B Brushlless Motor - 3500KV
ALZRC - 450B Brushlless Motor - 3500KV
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ALZRC - 450B Brushlless Motor - 3800KV
ALZRC - 450B Brushlless Motor - 3800KV
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ALZRC - 450 Pro V2 FBL Combo, ESC BL- Motor - Black
ALZRC - 450 Pro V2 FBL Combo, ESC BL- Motor - Black
Plus d'infos Acheter
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